About us

SZ LA is a brand of clothing created by Sasha Zvereva, the Russian pop singer who started her singing career when she was 18. Sasha released many hit songs including “Solnyshko” and “2000 years”, toured all over the world and received multiple music awards including the Golden Grammy, a very prestigious Music Award.
Sasha has always been very keen on fashion. All her friends turned to her for style advice and passers-by would stop her on the street to ask about the brand of clothes she is wearing. Sasha’s style and taste in fashion started to gain a lot of attention in the social media. Last year when Sasha was pregnant with her third child Leo, she came up with idea for SZ LA. According to Sasha, it is really hard to find a stylish brand of clothes that can be fashionable, comfortable and attention-grabbing. This is how SZ LA was born! –SZ LA fashion offers very stylish and trendy clothes for young women who are expecting or have kids, leading very active life styles and want to stand out from the crowd.
Sasha is the symbol of SZ LA. She knows all the challenges of being a modern mom first hand (Sasha has three kids –Vasilisa, Makar and little Leo) and she helps a lot of young women in their journeys by sharing her experience and knowledge and by bringing her styles to them. Sasha started her designer career in Russia, where every young woman knows her. The collections released in Moscow have had a great success and continue to be very popular among women. Most of the moms Sasha met in LA were interested in her clothing brand and Sasha realized it was time to bring her clothing line to the US market, thus SZ LA was born!
Sasha hand-picks the fabric and checks the quality of all her clothes. She releases her clothes in limited editions. Most pieces of clothes are very mommy-friendly: Sasha created hidden zips for breast-feeding or pumping. Sasha believes that modern moms need to be reminded how awesome they are having to juggle their careers, kids and hobbies all at the same time. Sasha is one of those moms herself and she wants to help her customers look stylish and noticeable.  This is why she created the brand of clothes that not only are practical wear but also are a celebration of the style, beauty and success of a modern woman.