Dress Code Vs Etiquette

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We offer to discuss the rules of fashion etiquette and dress code in our #szlastyle_tips posts. Let's see what is the difference between a dress code and etiquette, and also note the key features of the strict formats of the dress code.
Etiquette is not as strict as the dress code. In the framework of the etiquette you must adhere to the general rules, but you have the choice. The dress code has much of a regulation and almost leaves no room for variations. Dress code is the compilation of certain rules that govern appearance. Usually it's used in government offices, banks and schools, as well as in some private companies. Dress code has a positive effect on the appearance of employees and additional disciplining effect on people. Agree, if you go to a bank to get a loan for a new project, and you will meet the lady in her favorite blouse with ruffle, it will be hard for you to take it seriously. While she may be the best specialist in the field, you will still be concerned to give her your case just based on the way she is dressed. To learn more about business dress code, black tie, wedding dress code and about advantages of the etiquette rules stay tuned with SZ LA!🎏

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